Week 21: Cladding

A week of boring mortgage calls, thai green curry, rum tasting with strangers, and a food-obsessed cat.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • My transformation into the boring person who only talks about their house buying process is nearly complete. I can feel it happening but it’s really hard to stop.

    The lovely flat I have an offer on has an issue and I can’t currently get a mortgage for it. It’s a lovely older brick building, but not that long ago the owners of the block decided to build some penthouses on top of it. These penthouses are clad in wood and are a fire hazard, so a lender isn’t going to touch these flats. Remedial work is already scheduled, but who knows how long that is going to take 🤷‍♂️ so on the negative side I’ve got a long wait if I want this place, but I’m not in a rush really. On the positive side, several sellers in the building are pushing the freeholder to hurry up because they’re all trying to sell before the stamp duty holiday is over. I’m vaguely still looking at other places and am only going to bother viewing if they look amazing.

  • We made a vegan Thai Green Curry, it was ok but I think the ratios in the paste were slightly off because it was very gingery. Also, we only found dried lime leaves and galangal powder; I need to decide whether I care enough about improving it to find fresh lime leaves and galangal.

  • We did an online rum tasting, which was a lot of fun until the morning after. I don’t remember exactly which my favourite rums were because we spilt something on our scoring sheet. It was weird being on a Zoom call with an array of strangers who are just sat in their houses, but it felt the most pub-like of any online drinking I’ve done in the past year.

  • I’m selling my 3D printers, which I haven’t touched since the start of the pandemic. I can’t tell if I’m going to regret this in the future, but anywhere I buy will not have space to safely print stuff (resin fumes are very bad for you). In a stroke of luck, I mentioned this to Gallal who has space and was thinking about buying a printer anyway 🎉

  • I’m still at Laundry Zero, for the second weekend running! I do all the laundry and Charlotte does all the washing up, we both think we’re getting the better deal.

  • We’re experimenting with Tootsie’s food, making sure he has biscuits available throughout the day to see if he stops nagging us several hours before his feeding times. Mixed success so far. I think this might push him back into overweight territory as he keeps trying to eat a day’s worth of food in one sitting.