Week 191: Mallow

A week of sitting in the park, jägerbombs, stolen bags, reducing boilerplate, short weeks, drinking in another park, tasting menus, family, and slow reading.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • This week was the annual FT rounders game where several teams from Product & Technology either ran around Regent’s Park or sat on the grass and ate/drank. It was a fun day as always but my bag got stolen at the pub afterwards. The joke’s on the thief: there was nothing in it except a jacket, some suncream, and a bottle of water. Shame about the bag though.

  • I released an updated OpenTelemetry library for internal FT use which will stop us from having to copy the same boilerplate (10 dependencies and 60 lines of code) across 200+ repos. I’m really quite excited to get a blog post written and start getting our teams to try it out next week 👏

  • We had Thursday and Friday off work because it’s Charlotte’s birthday! We didn’t do a lot on Thursday except make it to a local greasy spoon. On Friday we went to a food festival in Chelmsford, drank some wine, and danced to Symphonic Ibiza.

  • On Saturday, all our plans fell through so Charlotte and I had a lazy morning and then went for the tasting menu at Mallow which serves incredible vegan food.

  • On Sunday we went for a roast at Charlotte’s dad’s and spent the day with family. Somehow my first time having rice and peas with a roast, great addition. Charlotte’s nephew was there and being cute, he’s nearly walking.

  • My reading rate has dropped a lot, partly because of all the drinking but I’m also finding The Left Hand of Darkness to be a bit of a slow burn. It’s great but the characters haven’t reeled me in to the same extent as some other recent reads.