Week 188: Beaching Off

A week of holiday shopping, hanging out with friends, lots of pairing, dependency bumps, cuddly lads, cat-sitters, and a flight to sunny Türkiye.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • This week was fairly quiet, keeping it chill ahead of our holiday. On Wednesday I went over to Ed’s to hang out with him and Andrew, then Charlotte and I had dinner in Spitalfields one evening after a little bit of holiday shopping.

  • At work, Alex and I have been pairing loads on a new system that automatically merges dependency bump pull requests that we consider safe, e.g. if it’s an express or mocha minor version bump then it’s probably fine to just merge it.

    We got so far in a week and it’s been a fun introduction to GitHub webhooks, more complex Lambda-based apps, and DynamoDB.

  • Two small black cats cuddling up to me on the bed

    We dropped off the lads to stay with Gallal for a week. They seemed nervous at first but they’re definitely warming to him 😍 his flat is a little noisier than ours and maybe it’s good for them to get more used to it.

    I miss them but can’t think of anyone better to look after them while we’re gone. They seemed to know something was up, I got a lot of cuddles the day we were leaving.

  • I’m writing these weeknotes from Türkiye, currently sat in my air-conditioned hotel room because there are highs of 38℃ today. We’ve been lounging by the pool, eating and drinking too much, and beaching off.