Week 187: New Menu

A week of solo vet trips, catching up in pubs, expensive pints, outdoor cats, pitchers, Jägerbombs, bouncy castles, and good reads.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • On Monday I braved the vet by myself to get the lads checked up after their operations. Everything was fine and we got the OK to remove their cones. They’re very happy about this.

  • On Tuesday I met up with Andrew and Ed for a few drinks near Spitalfields, lovely to catch up as usual. We went to the Merchant & Weaver which was nice and quiet, though £7.40 a pint nowadays 😓

  • On Wednesday we decided to try letting the cats outside for the first time. They were so nervous; Tom Barnaby explored a little bit outside the door and in the car park but kept dashing back if there was a strange sound. Douglas Fir barely left the doorstep despite us bribing him with treats. At least we know for now that they’re unlikely to stage any daring escapes.

  • I popped into the office on Thursday in time for a few after-work drinks. We ordered a cocktail pitcher with a tap in honour of the sea horse’s new menu. Turns out we were the first to do this; I suspect we may also be the last. Then Charlotte, Arjun, Anh, and I went on a small Jägerbomb crawl.

  • On Saturday it was Noah’s first birthday party, held at Charlotte’s dad’s new place which is great for a summer party. There was a bouncy castle. We saw Georgie briefly to collect all the various things we’d left at hers last week.

  • It’s been a good reading week. I read The Humans by Matt Haig, which was fun but sad in places, a good mix. He’s a new author to me and I’ll definitely read more. Then I read Lamb by Christopher Moore which made me laugh quite a few times, it gave me Good Omens vibes (one of my favourite books). I just started Ubik, being a Philip K. Dick fan I’m surprised I still haven’t read this one.

  • Seems like we’re getting an election soon. I’ve decided I’m going to work election night this year, keeping an eye on FT.com under presumably increased load. I’ll be awake anyway and I think it’ll be fun in the office!