Week 185: Dune

A week of booing, protests, guilt donations, unhappy fans, a happy welcome home, a planned loss of balls, a good reading streak, and enjoying sci-fi.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • Ugh, Eurovision. We had a nice time in Malmö but, by the end, I was really feeling like we should have boycotted. There was a lot of protest regarding Israel continuing to be in the competition and boycotting was probably the right move. I donated a lot of guilt money to MAP to make myself feel better.

    • You can hear me booing and yelling in some of the videos of the second semi-final rehearsal, which is funny and weird. The EBU played fake cheering over Israel’s act later in the competition, you can find what it sounded like in the arena on Twitter etc.

    • It’s been a bit of a shit-show this year and the joy has gone. The fans are really not happy with the EBU. I’m not participating in the future unless things change.

  • Two cute kittens play-fighting on the bed

    In brighter news, the small lads were really happy to see us. They’ve been having a nice time with the cat sitter but it was lovely to return – there was a lot of cute purring and cuddling and they seem to have forgiven us instantly for leaving.

    I hope they forgive us after Wednesday when we’re having their balls chopped off 🥲 not sure if there are enough smarts in their little walnut brains to realise that we’re the masterminds behind the plan.

  • Still reading! 10 weeks in a row which is probably the longest streak since my early 20s 👍

    • I finished Brideshead Revisited, I enjoyed it but found it slower-going than a lot of the other books I’ve read recently. I’m definitely more gripped when there’s a fantasy or sci-fi element to a story.

    • Speaking of sci-fi I’m about 3/4 of the way through Dune and loving it. I’m picking it up at every spare moment and will probably pick up the sequels after this one.