Week 184: Copenhagen & Malmö

A week of election results, outdated consumer units, electricians, cooking pasta, Copenhagen, Malmö, spring weather, and prepping for Eurovision.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • I don’t think I could have hoped for a better result RE the council elections. What a thorough trouncing for the Tories eh? I don’t know if I’ve felt so positive about UK politics since Jeremy Corbyn was around. Fingers crossed my optimism isn’t rewarded in the same way eh?

  • On Friday we finally finished all the required work on our flat. The electrician replaced our very outdated consumer unit and installed our new induction hob and now everything in the flat works again! What a joy. We managed to use the hob once before we went away; friends, I’ve missed eating pasta so very much. I made a very delicious Cacio e Pepe with some fried lardons and vegetables. I had three hobs on the go just because I could.

  • On Saturday we flew out to Malmö via Copenhagen ahead of Eurovision. We have tickets to some of the semifinal dress rehearsals and I’m excited 🎉

  • Malmö seems like a lovely city, we’re staying just outside the center in an Airbnb; one of the ones that is actually someone’s home and it’s really cute. The suburbs around here are super pretty with lots of flowers and blossom-covered trees and it feels super springy. Everyone’s very friendly.

  • Great to see lots of Palestinian flags around the place, I don’t think Eurovision’s “apolitical” stance is gonna fly here and there are a couple of protests against Israel’s participation.

  • The food here has been excellent so far. I can’t get enough meatballs.

  • Ahead of J&C arriving, we went on a day trip to Copenhagen and visited Tivoli, the world’s second-oldest amusement park. It’s like stepping back in time ❤️ It’s extremely well maintained and looked after.

  • It’s weird to leave the lads for the first time, I miss them quite a lot 🥹 we hired a cat sitter because we need someone to be there most of the time and it felt a bit restrictive to ask one of our friends to do it. She seems nice and the boys are warming to her based on the pictures she’s been sending.

  • Right, I have to go, gotta try on some sequined clothing ready for the show this eve ✨ have a nice week.