Week 183: Bluebells

A week of tracking down bugs, availability metrics, far-too-large conferences, showering in the light, udon, shopping trips, co-op video games, and walks in bluebell woods.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • I’ve been feeling quite smug at work this week. I managed to track down and debug an error in our CDN config that’s probably been there for about 8 years. It’s reduced our error rate by a good amount and we’re going to see our availability metrics creep further towards where we want them.

  • On Wednesday I went to AWS Summit and wished I hadn’t. There was a lot of AI hype and the talks I went to were very sales-pitchy. I’ve managed to avoid events at the ExCeL so far and I’m not in a hurry to return – it’s too big. After lunch, I left to get some work done. It was still nice to hang out with Alex for a bit.

  • We have a bathroom light again! An electrician came to check the wiring and fit a new light on Friday and it’s still such a novelty to be able to see while I shower or clean my teeth. We’ve been using a torch in there for 10 weeks!

  • The weekend was lovely, on Saturday we went for some udon near Spitalfields Market, did some shopping, then came home and played It Takes Two. We tried a long time ago and didn’t enjoy it initially so gave up; It stuck this time and we had a lot of fun!

  • On Sunday we went for a short walk near Shoreham in Kent so as not to leave the lads for too long. It was so nice: perfect weather, lots of wildlife, bluebells, and I think we both needed a break from the city.

Charlotte walking through a tree tunnel with the wood around us carpeted in bluebells