Week 181: Summer Nights

A week of continued sickness, 10-year anniversaries, Jägerbombs, Karaoke, musical theatre, pasta cooking, Minnesota, and washing machine cats.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • Charlotte continues to be sick (but improving) and I have managed not to catch it but I am just very tired all the time. Trying to get this weeknote written before work because I didn’t want to interrupt our bed day yesterday. At least Spring has arrived!

  • On Thursday it was Arjun’s 10-year anniversary at the FT so we went for some drinks. Through a little serendipity and a desire for Jägerbombs we bumped into some more colleagues in a nearby bar with a downstairs karaoke room. I sang some Dolly Parton and then Summer Nights as a duet with Luke. Fun!

  • On Saturday we went to see Hadestown with Charlottes family – a Christmas present. It was fun but I wish I wasn’t so exhausted; I had to fight sleep a little in the warm dark Lyric Theatre.

  • I got around to buying a new hob, we went with an induction one so that we don’t need to have the kitchen floor dug up to replace the gas pipes. By Wednesday we’ll be able to eat things like pasta again 🤞

  • I’ve been catching up on TV and binged the fourth and fifth seasons of Fargo. I loved them both, the fourth was quite a refreshing take on the series and the fifth came as close as I think they could in recapturing how I felt about the first season.

  • The baby cats who live with us have discovered that they do both fit on the window seat we bought for them. Cute huh? They also like the washing machine which has me paranoid every time I do the laundry 😬

    Two cute black kittens laying side by side in a window-mounted cat hammock. They look sleepy.
    On small black kitten inside a washing machine with another sat beside it. They're both looking at the camera with an expression of guilt.