Week 180: Adult Refresher

A week of illness, a pub trip, wine, London Eurovision Parties, Long John Silver, Morlocks, smashing my reading target, and a cat backpack.

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  • I’m going to keep this brief because I was up until 2:30 on Sunday and I very much want to crawl into bed instead of writing weeknotes.

  • It was a quiet week. Charlotte has become ill with what seems like a flu and has been out of action for a few days.

  • We had a nice little pub trip on Thursday. My highlight was a final drink in The Counting House with Gallal and Arjun.

  • The reason I’m tired is that I went to the London Eurovision Party last night and it overran a bit. I was supposed to be home relatively early but it started an hour and a half late. It was fun though! It’s not the main Eurovision but a lot of the artists head to London to perform ahead of the host city.

    Charlotte and Chris were both sick so it was just Jennifer and I. We stood at the very front and made friends with some hardcore Eurovision nerds.

    I don’t have the energy to list my favourites or anything yet. So tired.

  • I had a wine where the tasting notes said “If anyone wanted to make an adult Refresher bar, then this is it”. Suited my child’s palate nicely.

  • I liked Treasure Island a lot, it’s a good adventure. I started reading and finished The Time Machine by HG Wells, also good but think I prefer The Invisible Man and The War of the Worlds. The only problem with all these authors from the late 1800s is that they love to drop some casual but overt racism in there – often a cheeky little caricature of some race or other.

    Next, I’ll treat myself to some 20th Century literature and read Brideshead Revisited followed by Dune, which has been on my reading list for ages. These will bring me up to 9/12 of my year target which, maybe speaking too soon, I’m gonna smash.

  • Bed now. Can’t even be bothered to select a cute picture of a kitten to share. We got them a cute double-deckered carrier backpack but you don’t get to see it.

  • Sorry. Bye.