Week 18: Striptease

A week of takeaway costumes, promotions and bonuses at work, amazing new hoovers, and being an embarrassing drunk.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • We went to an online takeaway-themed celebration of a friend’s pregnancy (not allowed to call it a baby shower as she didn’t want one). Charlotte and I dressed up as fries and ketchup, I think the costumes were a success.

    Rowan and Charlotte dressed as takeaway items. Rowan is dressed as McDonalds fries, wearing a yellow T-Shirt with chips drawn onto it and a large red box. Charlotte is dressed as a tub of ketchup in a painted box.
    My lockdown hair and beard are looking particularly good I think
  • Charlotte went to stay at Luke’s on Saturday (he lives alone and is in our bubble), which meant I had the house to myself for the first time in forever! My new vacuum cleaner was delivered (it’s a Shark one, I love it) so I spent a large portion of the day cleaning the flat and marvelling at how much nicer all our carpets look.

  • On Saturday night I went to some birthday drinks over hangout. It’s been a while since I’ve felt thoroughly embarrassed at myself after a night of drinking, it was painful in the morning recalling that I performed a striptease on camera – dancing in my McDonalds Fries costume and removing my trousers behind the cardboard. The memory still hurts.

  • I found out we’re getting our annual bonuses at work for 2020, which is amazing and unexpected news. When the pandemic hit, this was one of the expenses that was dropped to make sure the business could stay afloat. It’s a pleasant surprise to have this extra money after a tough year.

  • The promotion round at work is over (finally), I was owning the process for Customer Products. Owning means I wasn’t making all the decisions but was responsible for making sure that everything happened at the correct time and that the process was fair and balanced. It’s the most difficult thing I’ve done at work for a long time, and while I think I was never going to be 100% pleased with the outcome I think we did the best we could when I consider all the factors in play (budget, number of applicants, etc). I spent a lot of time after the round documenting the process so that it’s more transparent in future.