Week 179: Isolation Valve

A week of new taps, messy pipework, cute weddings, kids, tight-lipped friends, Greek baptisms, cat scratches, destroyed pot plants, and more reading.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • A boiler from below with various labeled pipes connected, some of the labels have question marks to indicate that I'm not 100% certain what the pipe is for

    We finally got our leaky kitchen tap sorted by replacing it. I was gonna do it myself but then realised that we don’t have a hot water isolation valve for the sink and it’d mean fiddling with the boiler. I had a look at the mess of pipes and decided to hire a plumber.

  • On Saturday we attended Alex and Christina’s wedding which was lovely. We spent a lot of the time hiding in the back room hanging out with Alice, Lachie, and their kids. The only slight disappointment was that Alex’s friends were tight-lipped about any youthful misadventures, you win some you lose some, eh?

  • On Sunday we dressed up again for a Greek Orthodox christening which was something new. The pretty intense religion was followed by a big party that was closer in lavishness to a wedding. We drank a lot and had some nice catch-ups with Charlotte’s family. The food, a blend of Greek and Caribbean, was incredible.

  • I have an impressive four-claw scratch on my shoulder from one of the cats misjudging an attempt to jump onto my back while I cleaned their litter. I wasn’t wearing a t-shirt at the time, lesson learned. They have a lot of confidence with their jumping/climbing but not a lot of skill to back it up yet. They also destroyed one of my pot plants by nudging it off the windowsill while I was hungover 👍

  • My reading has continued: Dracula was great, maybe slightly slow-paced at times but I enjoyed it. I didn’t know that the Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and Sleepy Hollow are both novellas and I finished them both super quickly. Charlotte thinks they shouldn’t count towards my 2024 goal but she’s not the boss of me.

    Sticking with the classics I’ve started reading Treasure Island. It’s quite difficult not to picture all the characters as muppets so I’ve kind of stopped trying, Tim Curry hasn’t arrived yet.