Week 178: Humble

A week of relaxing, reading classic horror, birthday cocktails, the big light, shopping, wine flights, crumbles, and a couple of tiny purring lads.

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  • We had a deliberately relaxed week without too many plans, we’re both quite tired.

  • I’ve been reading a lot for the last couple of weeks and I’m on track with my very unimpressive 12-books-in-a-year target. I read Frankenstein, which I enjoyed a lot, and have moved on to Dracula which is great so far. I didn’t mean to end up in “classic horror fiction 2024” but here we are. I might try the Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde next.

  • On Tuesday I went to Alice’s birthday drinks and drank quite a few cocktails. It was fun! I didn’t need to stay as late as I did but the company was good. Wednesday wasn’t so fun.

  • In house news, we have lights again! Just not in the bathroom. Shah, the local man I’m paying to be my electrician/gas engineer/friend, will fit a new bathroom light soon ☺️ it’s been over a month of no big lights and the novelty of having them back is great.

  • On Saturday, Charlotte and I decided to have a day of shopping and wine. We visited The Humble Grape a short walk away and had a little wine flight and some cheese. It was so nice. On Sunday we went to Humble Crumble to complete our Humble Weekend.

  • In tiny lad news, they’re just so excellent. Tom Barnaby, who is more shy than Douglas Fir, has finally decided that cuddling up to us and purring is a great way to spend his time. Just two purring lads who live with us.

    A small fluffy brown-and-black kitten sitting in a bowl that's slightly too small for him