Week 177: Dermatology

A week of kittens settling in, gas leaks, engineers, hospital appointments, annoying skin, streams of visitors, and visits to Kent.

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  • A kitten climbing on my head. I look slightly uncomfortable due to claws digging in

    The kittens are settling in well, they now have free reign of the office, bedroom, and living room during the day but are kept in the living room at night or when we’re out for a short while.

    They’re adorable. They still mostly want to be in the same room as each other or one of us, they play intensely for hour-long periods and then fully crash out.

  • We had a gas leak, which was fun. I’m terrible in a crisis if someone else is around but it was just me in the house so I calmly switched off the gas, opened the windows, and called the emergency line. It’s fixed now so we have hot water again however our gas hob has been disconnected so we either need to tear up the kitchen floor to get to the gas pipe that’s buried in concrete, get new gas pipes run around the room, or replace it with electric/induction.

  • On Tuesday my dermatology appointment finally arrived after many months. It was a very short appointment where I got told that yes, a new and different-looking rash is just more psoriasis and I’m “just going to have to live with it” 👍 she at least prescribed me a few different moisturisers to try and a low-strength steroid cream despite saying I was fed up of being prescribed steroids which only seem to work for a month or so.

  • We’ve had a steady stream of kitten visitors. They’ve met Jenn and Chris, Gallal a couple of times, Luke, and Charlotte’s mum. They seem fine around visitors which is great but definitely slightly more relaxed when it’s just us.

  • On Sunday I popped down to Paddock Wood to see Perry and Emma for the first time since their wedding (nearly 2 years ago!!). It was lovely, we had a roast in a nearby pub and caught up a lot ❤️

Two black and brown kittens sitting on an office chair looking like they're supposed to be there