Week 176: Kittens

A week of drives to Faversham, cute new kittens, play fights, being off sick, cute purring, gentle lads, derpy paper-eaters, and giving up on my armchair.

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  • Two little black cats curled up together on a blanket-covered armchair. They're looking at the camera

    The kittens have arrived! I hope you’re excited for a lot of updates. They were described by the vet as “very calm and gentle for their age” 🥹. They’re just a couple of gentle little lads 🥹

  • We picked them up from Charlotte’s mum’s friend on Saturday, we hired a car because we thought they’d hate the multiple train journeys from Faversham to London. They were so well behaved and slept for most of the journey 🥹 no outward signs of stress or vomit or anything. Because we’re those people we got them a very aesthetic wicker cat basket and it would have been a pain to clean sick out of it.

  • Guess who was sick though? This guy. I was quite ill all week and I’m still exhausted. Supposedly not COVID but enough to knock me off my feet for a couple of days.

  • Two cats about to leap from a windowsill onto a wooden cat tree. One is focused on the platform, the other has his tongue out and looks like a bit of an idiot

    Anyway back to cats: they switch between being utter chaos and then passing out and having long sleeps. They chase each other around and play-fight a lot which is adorable 🥹 and means we can get away with a little bit less human-instigated play.

    They’re already starting to get a little cuddly 🥹 this morning the larger of the two curled around Charlotte’s neck and started licking her hair while purring 🥹

  • We can mostly tell them apart already and we have settled on names (for now at least). We think the larger more fluffy and ginger-tinged one is going to be Douglas Fir. The slightly smaller and derpier one who likes to eat paper is going to be Tom Barnaby.

  • I’ve given up on the idea that my armchair and any soft furnishings will survive.