Week 175: Leaving Hike

A week of goodbyes to cats, goodbyes to colleagues, lovely countryside walks, a little bit of sickness, cute babies, security incidents, and becoming an AI bore.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • We said goodbye to Rocky this week, he went home on Wednesday. He was a delight, v chilled cat. I spent a few days being careful not to kick a nonexistent animal, weird how quickly you get used to having them around.

  • On Saturday we went on Rhys’ leaving hike which is a really lovely idea. There were 16 of us in total and we went on an extremely muddy walk up Leith Hill and back. It was a joy seeing Leaf for the first time in ages ❤️

    Once back in London we had a few drinks near Victoria and gossiped a bunch.

  • Charlotte got sick early in the week and then got better and I seem to have dodged it, though I am feeling exhausted. Too tired to edit a cat/hike photo into this weeknote.

  • Today we went to visit JPD and David and meet their new(ish) baby. Very cute. She cried the first time I held her but warmed up towards us all by the end.

  • Work this week was a little dominated by a security incident. Although it’s always a bit of a pain I’m reminded of how readily people at the FT come together when we need to act quickly 👍

  • I’m becoming an AI bore. I can see people glazing over a little when I start talking about it, I need to pick my moments maybe. But now you’re on my website I can moan as much as I want about how email-based AI worms are probably a thing we need to worry about, that plagiarism is rampant, or that the AI bubble is driving a massive surge in energy and water usage. How about the fact that the companies launching these AI products have helped enable lawyers to work on child custody cases, middle-school kids to make and distribute fake nude photos of their classmates, or military forces to decide which school or hospital to fire missiles at. At least I can make pretty pictures for my slide decks and search my work email a little bit faster though, eh?