Week 171: Shrewsbury

A week of meeting friends, Guinness 0.0s, drives to Shrewsbury, long walks, good dogs, outdoor swims, excellent food, software engineering, tea rooms, and Border Collies.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • It was a pretty ordinary work week aside from having a minor debate with our CTO about the use of generative AI in programming.

  • I met up with Andrew and Ed for a few Guinness 0.0s, which was lovely. Drinking alcohol-free beer really doesn’t save you any money though. I’m trying to be better at arranging to see people this year, well done me.

  • We took Friday off work and drove up to Shrewsbury with Chris on Thursday evening to stay with his parents. We had Riley (cat) in the car and he was very cute and well-behaved. Jenn was waiting for us and we had our first wine of the year.

  • Charlotte sat on an armchair with a spaniel (Bertie) in her lap

    Chris’s parents have a dog named Bertie and he’s pretty much the perfect dog. He does everything a good dog is supposed to do. We’ve done a lot of walking together, Shrewsbury and the surrounding countryside are really pretty.

  • Jennifer swam 3km down the River Severn which was very impressive. We followed her on bikes along the towpath and she managed not to get swept down the weir 👍

  • Chris’ mum is an exceptional cook, we’ve eaten really well. Also we didn’t know until much later in the weekend that she used to be a software engineer working in Cobol and Fortran, which is very cool.

  • We’re working from here on Monday and I’m glad we’re not heading back tonight – we’ve had a tiring day of tearooms, meeting Emma who lives nearby, long walks, and reservoir swims for some of us (not me). I got to meet Emma’s dog, Peg, who’s a delight. I love a Border Collie ❤️