Week 170: Choux

A week of phone calls, many family visits, a leaking light fitting, incredible choux buns, leaving drinks, pretend Guinness, 36th birthdays, and website admin.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • I’ve set up a regular call with Mum so that we talk a bit more out of habit. We both just assume the other is busy (we’re not) and so now I call her on a Tuesday on my walk home. It makes the journey fly by.

  • Water started leaking through our bathroom light fitting, this time because the waste pipe from our upstairs neighbour’s bath broke. The building insurance covers it, but this is the third time in two and a half years 😩 The light makes a scary fizzing sound when you turn it on so we’re relying on a torch for now.

  • I’ve managed to do Dry January on easy mode because I’ve just not gone to the pub. On Thursday that changed and I had a great time at Jeison’s leaving drinks on the Guiness 0.0.

  • Four choux buns with piped meringue on top and filled with lemon curd cream

    Happy 36th birthday, me 👍 I can’t be bothered to celebrate much in recent years so I had a very chilled day off work. I spent the morning playing video games, Charlotte made me Lemon Meringue Choux Buns which tasted incredible, we went to an interactive bubble thing, and then went for a nice meal.

  • We saw lots of family. My mum and brother came over, we went to visit Charlotte’s nephew, and then her grandparents. All were very relaxed and I feel energised by it all.

  • I also did some admin with Mum and I’m now one domain away from having zero control over other peoples’ web stuff. I overdid it in my early career and hosted a lot of websites for people. Pretty soon I’ll be able to stop paying £30/mo to GoDaddy (not my choice, they bought MediaTemple a while ago).

  • I realised that, If I was my mum, I’d have four kids by now and would be raising them on my own 😱 wild.