Week 17: Thumb

A week of very monotonous TV watching, eating four tablespoons of olive oil in one sitting, and having to type like an old person.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • It feels like there’s very little to differentiate this week from the last. I’m very bored of the monotony but have been struggling to push myself to do anything in the evening other than binge-watch TV.

  • I bought a blender recently, at the time it seemed like it was something we really needed, but we’ve since forgotten most of the things that we wanted to blend pre-blender. I settled for making houmous and then ate all of the said houmous.

  • I sliced my thumb open cleaning the blades on my blender. It’s quite deep, at least I know that they’re sharp. I’m currently having to use my phone like I expect my dad would – holding it in one hand and typing with just my index finger.

    • I hate cutting myself. It’s not the pain, it’s just the thought of my skin, which is supposed to stay together, having a hole in it. Similar with needles I guess (I’m not looking forward to getting vaccinated tbh and I’m sweating a bit just thinking about it).

    • This cut reminds me of a time in college during my Art Foundation. I was in the fine art part of the course, and I was cutting and melting together green toy soldiers as some bullshit commentary on war (I hated there having to be a tenuous meaning behind my work which is why I ended up specialising in illustration). The knife I was using slipped and I sliced into the tip of my finger right through the nail, then I came closer to fainting than I ever have in my life and threw up in the tutor’s office.

  • I perked up a lot after a long walk on Saturday, it makes me so happy when we hit the point in the year when I can go out in just a light jacket or a jumper. There’s a walk along a cycle route down towards Vauxhall which takes us through loads of small parks, and we made plans to drag our balcony bean bags to Archbishop’s Park if the weather holds up.

  • For the Product & Tech (my department) social at work, Glynn and I are making a treasure hunt to commemorate a year of remote working. Putting together clues has been the most fun I’ve had in ages, and it’s been lovely bouncing ideas off of each other. Side note: can we talk about how stylish Glynn’s Twitter profile is!? It’s beautiful. What an icon.