Week 168: Saltburn

A week of plugholes, cinema sofas, achy elbows, flailing about in our living room, power cuts, shopping, cold weather, and a lack of pub.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • We watched Saltburn, loved it. Everyone in it was excellent. I’ll never look at a bath in the same way. It’s been a little while since I’ve been to the cinema and I’m not sure why, Genesis is amazing and a very short walk away.

  • We got the PSVR out for an evening with some friends and we haven’t put it away. We’ve been playing a lot of Beat Saber and can handle a few songs on Hard difficulty now. I forgot how fun VR is and how easy it is to forget you’re kind of exercising a bit. My inner elbows and wrists ache.

    Charlotte stood in our living room playing Beat Saber
  • We tried to go to a bubble experience all the way out in Wembley but they had a power cut and we didn’t see the email before arriving. So we wandered around Wembley a bit, bought some sale stuff, and went home via Bleecker. It was a nice day despite the distinct lack of bubbles.

  • I’m not drinking for January and it’s quite easy. I originally thought I’d still try and pub after work but it’s cold and miserable so I haven’t bothered. Why pub when you can go home and play VR or Cities Skylines?