Week 165: Jesus is Watching

A week of festive spreadsheets, work ideas, Christmas songs, old colleagues, long drives, German markets, chocolate rating, Jesus murals, and Whisky Macs.

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  • Work’s over for the year! I’m one of those annoying people who really enjoys their job so this isn’t all that great for me. I keep having ideas about new things I want to work on and then squashing them down.

  • I’ve had what I think is a great idea for a blog post that I might work on over the festive period. I want to analyse the lyrics of Christmas songs and find the places where they reference the names of other Christmas songs and see how deep the graph goes.

  • On Wednesday I met up with some of my old Nature colleagues, it was a fun time and really great to hang out.

  • Me and Charlotte in the car dressed in Santa hats

    On Saturday we picked up a car and drove up to Birmingham to have a little Christmas celebration before heading on to Hull. We went to the German market, had a few drinks, and sang along to some popular music from the 90s and 00s. Once we got back to Ari and Chibs’ we had a little group therapy session and talked about dead dads.

  • In the morning we set off for Hull, stopping for a festive McDonalds. We arrived in our Airbnb which is a vibe. Our bed is situated below a full-wall mural of Jesus on the cross (picture below).

  • Every sweet in Celebrations, Roses, Celebrations, and Cadbury's Heroes, neatly laid out on a coffee table

    After reading about different peoples’ selection box habits, we decided to buy a small box of each of the four main Christmas chocolate selection boxes. We’re rating each chocolate out of 5 and recording the data in a festive spreadsheet for science.

    I’ll let you know our findings.

  • I’m writing these weeknotes while sat drinking Whisky Macs in a comfy armchair and eating more crisps than I’d normally allow myself. Merry Christmas!

A full-wall mural of a crucified Jesus in a crown of thorns, looking down on a double bed
Jesus is watching us sleep