Week 164: Die Hard

A week of Christmas parties, festive films, lots of board games, Spanish food, wine, wings, and custom tooling.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • This week included Christmas Party #2. Drinks were free all night and there were no queues for them – just pre-made cocktails ready on the bar. Perfect 👍 I’m told that some people were kicked out but I witnessed no real drama, unfortunately. Charlotte and I made a plan to leave as soon as the party was over to get Wings of East, it was a success, we avoided a second location and a hangover 👏

  • Wednesday was in-person boardgames which was great fun. We had a fun team-based game of Star Realms, I lost spectacularly at Long Shot, we all really sucked at The Mind (the only co-op game we brought), and finished with Skull.

  • Thursday was my favourite festive tradition: watching Die Hard in the office. We made lots of the same jokes, a few new ones, and had a very festive time.

  • Oh weird. The last time I mentioned Die Hard in a weeknote I also mentioned Wings of East. Patterns are emerging.

  • On Saturday we finally visited Parrillan, we were given a voucher last Christmas and it was close to running out. Lots of the tapas was excellent, but the stew was a bit meh and overpriced.

  • On Sunday we popped over to see Jenn & Chris, drank some wine and cocktails, and had a nice catch-up; this is why my weeknote is late. Worth it.

  • Since giving up on Advent of Code I’ve been working on a little side project. I’m rebuilding all the tooling for my various open source projects, massively over-engineering it and taking inspiration from some of the tools we have at work. It’s been fun!

    It’ll probably look vaguely familiar to FT people. Why can’t I use something that exists already? Sounds dull and a lot less work.