Week 163: Old Fashioneds

A week of tiredness, possibly giving up on Advent of Code, all-day planning sessions, Christmas parties, Old Fashioneds, bad hangovers, long hikes, and trees.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • I’m very tired. None of these bullet points will exceed 13.7 words.

  • Advent of Code was fun until day ten part two. No thanks.

  • We had an all-day planning session. It surprised me by being excellent.

  • Our first Christmas Party was great. Long queues, good Old Fashioneds, dancing.

  • Friday was a bad day. See above.

  • We went on a hike over the weekend. Bumped into an ex-colleague.

  • We put up our tree, our living room feels festive.

A lit up and decorated Christmas tree