Week 161: Ghost Train

A week of delayed yearnotes, winning board games, friends, lots of champagne, cancelled plans, Tom Barnaby, tragic fires, and an atmospheric waste of time.

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  • For anyone waiting with bated breath for my third yearnote, I’m moving it to the end of the calendar year because I can’t be bothered with it yet. Three years of writing every week though! Still going strong(ish). I haven’t missed a week yet – I know myself and skipping just one will make it far harder to keep it up 😬

  • I had my first board game session since being away for a month and it was a lot of fun, sometimes it’s great to step away for a while – it’s renewed my enthusiasm. It helps that we played The Guild of Merchant Explorers, an excellent game that just really clicks with me and I can win pretty consistently.

  • On Friday we met up with Jenn & Chris, who I’ve missed, and we went to our third Champagne Show. The venue changed to one with more space so there were 160 different champagnes on offer. We drank quite a lot of them (Lallier is still our fav I think).

    Three years has taught me that there are radically diminishing returns as bottle price increases. Also, champagne largely tastes the same once you get past ~30 samples.

  • We were originally heading to Brighton over the weekend but canceled due to our hosts being sick. We spent Saturday in bed, catching up on TV.

    • We’ve been slowly working through Midsomer Murders, Season 6 has kicked it up a notch with a little bit more peril for old Tom Barnaby.

    • We watched the first episode of “Exposed: The Ghost Train Fire” on Netflix, and it proved a bit much for our hungover selves. It’s interesting and well done so far but it gives your heartstrings a really good yanking.

    • Afterwards, we sat through A Haunting in Venice, because we’ve seen all the other Kenneth Branagh Poirot films. It’s very atmospheric but a bit meh – too much of a departure from the source material I think.