Week 160: Doubtfire

A week of re-engaging my brain, debugging, 90s classics, being sick, bottomless brunches, tequila rose, city farms, roasts, and unexpected meetings.

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  • Back to work this week! It wasn’t easy to get back into it but think I got some useful things done. Alex and I worked out a cool way that we can tie our error pages to our logs and make it easier for us to debug production issues; I’m looking forward to getting it implemented.

  • On Tuesday I went to see the Mrs Doubtfire musical, I arrived with few expectations, kind of assuming I’d have the nostalgia forcibly beaten out of me, but it was amazing! The film was on heavy rotation when me and my siblings were kids and, problematic plot aside, it was an excellent rendition. Enough key dialog points were hit, with a few updates to remove some early-90s transphobia.

  • I got sick (not COVID), probably from either the plane, the office, or the theatre, take your pick. It was a little rough but cleared up by late Thursday.

  • On Friday evening we went for a bottomless brunch with Tammy, Alison, and Marcus. Polo bar was fun, as always, afterwards we headed over to Boom Battle Bar on Oxford Street to drink and play mini golf. Alison, Charlotte and I continued on to a few bars, then the casino to avoid club entry fees (regret), bought a bottle of Tequila Rose for the journey home, and then continued drinking at ours. Oops 😅 Saturday was not fun.

  • A sheep with a very impressive double set of horns

    By Sunday we’d recovered. Charlotte and I didn’t wake up in time for our planned outside-of-London walk so we walked along Regents Canal from Mile End to Angel and went for a great roast. On the way we stopped at Stepney City Farm which is lovely and bumped into some of my sister’s friends with their daughter; Bumping into someone you know in London is always magical and unexpected, and it makes me happy.