Week 159: Phuket

A week of beautiful beaches, unlimited cocktails, zen pools, warm seas, snorkeling, mini golf, preparing for work, cold weather, and festivities.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • Phuket is beautiful, we spent a week mostly inside the resort with a few trips out to bars and the beach. The food was excellent, the drinks were excellent, the pool was excellent.

  • A bright orange sunset with an island and palm trees silhouetted in the foreground

    We did a lot of swimming in the bath-temperature sea, a highlight was sitting in the sea drinking wine past sunset as lightning flashed in the distance.

  • Trips outside were also fun. We did dinosaur-themed mini-golf, hit a few bars, and made the most of weed being legal.

  • I snorkeled for the first time which was a big step for a weak swimmer with a touch of thalassophobia. It was really fun! I couldn’t go any deeper than we did, I enjoyed seeing a lot of coral, and if you stay still then the fish start floating in the shade beneath you. I’d go again!

    Lush green islands
  • We flew back to London on Saturday, it’s a pretty big temperature difference! At least I get to bring out the knitwear.

  • It’s gonna be tough going back to work after a month away. At least we’re heading into Christmas.