Week 149: Cracked Elbow

A week of fixing pipes, expanding foam, flood detection, selling furniture, buying furniture, productive weeks, Slack app unfurling, rewatching Schitt's Creek, and trip planning.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • I started the week off strong by fixing the wastewater pipe under our kitchen sink. It turns out one of the elbow fittings had cracked so it was mostly just replacing that. I used expanding foam (fun) to secure the pipe in the wall in the hope that it can’t be twisted from the outside again 🤞

  • Most of the plumbing is boxed in which might make a future leak harder to detect immediately, so I bought a Shelly Flood. Shelly’s hardware is really great, my temperature and humidity sensors ran on a single battery for almost 2 years. I’m gonna have Home Assistant alert me via the app if it detects water under the sink.

  • Next on the house list was selling a sofa, dressing table, and bookcase which we no longer needed so I’ve been busy with that. The living room is feeling a lot more spacious and we have room for a table, chairs and another armchair, Charlotte found a lovely drop-leaf dining set on ebay, it’s gonna be so nice not eating off our laps on the sofa all the time!

  • Coming back to work was alright, I had a productive week. We started building the Slack integrations for our dashboard project which went really smoothly, we now unfurl any dashboard link that someone posts, augmenting their message with useful information.

  • We’re rewatching all of Schitt’s Creek which is still the best sitcom ❤️

  • We booked all our accommodation for our trip to Australia later in the year. It feels more real now and I’m super excited! We’re spending most of our time in Melbourne but we’re gonna drive the coast road from there to Sydney over three of the days.