Week 148: Friendly Cows

A week of not thinking, milk stations, beach art, very sweet cows, an appearance from COVID, driving in London, wet cupboards, and some custom medals.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • It’s been nice spending some time not thinking about anything much, I feel refreshed but maybe still a little tired. I slept so much over the past week.

  • Some of the petrol stations around where we stayed have milk bars where you can buy glass bottles and purchase both regular and flavoured milk in 500ml increments. Fun!

  • Several pieces of slate poking vertically out of the sand like monoliths, with a circular mosaic of shell fragments surrounding them.

    We went to the beach (I don’t like sand. It’s coarse and rough and irritating… and it gets everywhere), I entertained myself by making art in the sand while the others went swimming.

    It reminded me of my Art Foundation course in college; they sent us off to Wales on a coach and we made land art in the woods. It was calming and meditative.

  • Two one-year-old cows standing on hay in a barn. A man is crouched nearby holding a packet of digestive biscuits that the cows seem interested in.
    When we picked this area to stay in, Charlotte found a cow sanctuary which we decided to visit. It was such a lovely time, the cows were all very sweet and we spent a couple of hours being shown around by Grahame who really clearly cares about them all. Very wholesome and relaxing. I’d recommend it to anyone who finds themselves nearby.

  • The latter half of our trip had to be adjusted a bit when we found out Charlotte was not feeling well due to COVID. It forced us to slow down on the activities a bit but that wasn’t unwelcome tbh, and she’s on the mend. I’ve been testing every day and have somehow avoided it so far despite not really trying to isolate 🤷

    We decided it was safer to drive all the way home to drop Charlotte off instead of taking public transport. Driving through central London is almost relaxing now that it’s 20mph in most places.

  • I was rudely shaken out of my holiday relaxedness by finding out the hard way (during a washing machine cycle) that the wastewater pipe in our kitchen had come loose. The kitchen is quite wet but it’s patched for now. My theory is that the small kid who roams around our car park has twisted the pipe from the outside, it’s happened before and it seems to have loosened the seals directly inside.

    I’m gonna try and do the fix myself, it’s all fairly standard stuff and maybe we can seal the outside pipe to make it not possible for anyone passing by to royally fuck our plumbing.

  • OK, one small work thing. I had a fun idea on the Friday before we left for Wales and I ordered some medals as prizes. They arrived and they look great 😄 If you’re in Customer Products at the FT, look out for an announcement soon!

    Three medals in gold, silver, and bronze colours. Each medal has a bug emoji in the middle and has a rainbow ribbon attached.