Week 147: Aberaeron

A week of family visits, video games, talks about wine, long drives, great lunches, picturesque towns, long walks, and soaking in a hot tub.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • On Tuesday Charlotte’s mum popped over for dinner and video games, we showed her Sackboy: A Big Adventure which she’s since bought for herself. She met us at the office and we showed her the roof terrace which we definitely take for granted. She stretched her mum muscles by making us take an embarrassing photo under the flags.

  • On Thursday I went to a talk in the office from Laylo who are trying to make boxed wine good. Their wine was good 👍 it set me up nicely for post-work pub.

  • On Saturday we picked up a car and drove ~4 hours to stay in a cottage near Aberaeron in Wales. We’re here for a very chilled week off without too much planned, it’s very pretty around here and Aberaeron is picturesque af.

  • We stopped off for lunch at The Salutation Inn on the drive up. Their food is amazing, we sat in their sunny beer garden and it was a perfect start to the trip.

  • Lots of cute little cottages lining the river Arth

    On Sunday we went for a ~10-mile hike through a couple of woods, a National Trust café, Aberaeron, and Aberarth. Following the river down into town was lovely. I got unexpectedly burned on a day when it was supposed to rain.

  • We finished the day with a few (too many) drinks and a long soak in the hot tub. Delightful.