Week 146: Killing Mr. Boombastic

A week of putting up shelves, putting up gallery walls, unpacking boxes, nice coffees, nice Jägerbombs, absolute bangers, tasty Costa Rican food, and Barbie.

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  • It’s been a milestone week for the house, I spent most of the weekend Doing It Myself, putting up shelves and pictures.

  • Shelves spanning an entire wall, with a desk in either corner. A column of narrower shelves comes down between the desks. Theyre covered in books, board games, and boxes of tools.

    I’m super pleased that the shelves are mostly straight and seem secure. We bought a load of twin-slot shelving and we now have so much more storage in our office space. We might stain the wood later to be a bit darker, but tbh we probably won’t notice it once they’re full.

    • They allowed us to unpack the final two boxes, some books which have been sitting for nearly two years behind the door to this room.

    • The aim is to add a whole bunch of trailing plants, which I think will look lovely and soften the room a bit (please send recommendations for ones which don’t need too much light). We can also both personalise the wall space around our desks more which will make it a nicer space to work in.

  • A lot of pictures hanging close together above a sofa, all in mismatched old frames

    I was also feeling motivated to finally put up the now-framed art that has been cluttering up our living room for an age. We’ve started a gallery wall behind our sofa and I love it. We’ve also started scattering other artwork around the rest of the house and it feels so much more homey.

    Shout out to my A-Level sketchbook work on the far right 😁 it’s done a lot of house moves with me and is still the only work I still like from back then.

  • At some point between putting up paintings and drilling holes in the walls, I met Glynn for a coffee nearby, what a nice weekend treat! He was taking his kid to Spitalfields city farm and I’m bummed I didn’t have quite enough time to join them.

  • I’m a big fan of many of my colleagues, Thursday pub was particularly fun, Arjun and I had our monthly Jägerbombs and the world seemed very bright and exciting for the evening.

  • Every now and then I rediscover this absolute banger: Rage Against the Machine vs Shaggy - Killing Mr. Boombastic In The Name Of Laba Laba. A gem of a mashup which is better than either original.

    Killing Mr. Boombastic In The Name Of Laba Laba by DJ Zebra
  • Gallo pinto, fried plantain, egg, and pico de gallo (mostly all present in a Costa Rican breakfast) was what I ate every day for two weeks while I was there. I think I’ve perfected my versions of each of these and it makes an amazing veggie dinner.

  • On Sunday night after all my hard work with the house, we went to see Barbie with Gallal. It was fun and silly and I enjoyed it.