Week 144: Adult Collectors Only

A week of accidental deletions, fun work hackathons, scanning for vulnerabilities, robot rewards, dinner and drinks, delicious food, and new shelves.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • I don’t like Terraform any more, I accidentally deleted 21 of my GitHub repos and then had to spend several hours restoring them from backups. Dangerous stuff!

  • I participated in a hackathon at work and won the Judge’s Choice award despite a tenuous link to the theme. I spent the day running njsscan against all our Node.js repos and building an interface around it to make it easier to assess results.

    I won a small green robot that clearly states on the box this is not a toy, it’s for adult collectors. It was really fun, there were some excellent hacks and presentations and I’m glad I joined in this year.

  • We went out for dinner and drinks with Alison on Friday which was lovely. We ended up going to Oslo in Hackney, which was a bad idea. The night was fun until we tried to extend it beyond the natural end! I didn’t feel my best on Saturday morning.

  • On Saturday afternoon, having recovered a bit, we went to Tammy’s parents’ 40th wedding anniversary which was lovely. Her mum is a Masterchef finalist and runs a catering company so the food was incredible. A few cocktails down I felt fine again.

  • A lot of new shelves arrived for our office, which means we’ll be able to unpack the final two boxes. So exciting! Then the dominos will continue to fall – we’ll be able to get rid of our second sofa, get a table and chairs, and finish off everything 👏