Week 142: Downstairs Toilet

A week of in-person boardgames, tiredness, 90th birthday parties, hoards of family, toilet boasting, and bonding over Minecraft.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • Shortish weeknotes because I’m tired and could do with going to bed.

  • On Tuesday I went to play board games in-person with my group. We played The Mind, Space Base, and Skull which are all great games. It was nice to see everyone in person after quite a while!

  • The main thing that happened was that my grandma turned 90. She’s doing super well and was on great form when my entire extended family descended on her house over the weekend.

  • My cousins’ kids are all slightly less chaotic now. Slightly. I had a good chat with one of them, he was amazed that “a grown-up likes Minecraft!?”. He proudly told me that his house had a toilet both upstairs and downstairs unlike Grandma’s, he thinks two toilets are better because he doesn’t have to go upstairs for a wee. I explained that I live in a flat with one floor so I also don’t have to walk upstairs to go to the toilet. He said that’s very sad for me.

  • It was generally a lovely day but we slept in super late on Sunday because it was also exhausting.