Week 141: Weak Set

A week of Brighton visits, bad hangovers, fixing bugs, the AI-enshittification of the web, hackathon ideas, calming sage green paint, and a champagne tasting.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • I had a mid-week day off on Wednesday to visit my sister in Brighton. She was made redundant recently and is enjoying having no job for a little while. We caught up and drank in the sun a lot, I met some of her friends, it was a lovely time. I got home at about 1 am 😬

  • Thursday was not a fun day. I woke up feeling like I could just about manage the office, but I slowly got worse as the day wore on. I barely even enjoyed OKR day.

  • However, I did manage to fix three annoying bugs in our logging library. I’m quite smug about stumbling across an ideal use-case for WeakSet.

  • The AI enshittification of the web continues, apparently nothing is safe. Mozilla introduced an “AI explainer” on documentation pages which gives completely inaccurate explanations. Wild.

  • Speaking of AI, we have an AI-focused hackathon at work coming up soon 😐 I’ll either pass on or mess around with some security stuff – lots of Open Source security scanning projects label themselves as “AI-powered”, might be fun to just go and fix all our potential injection attacks.

  • My desk now set against a sage green wall
    This photo doesn't do justice to the calming qualities of this green

    On Friday, after our original plans were cancelled, Charlotte and I painted our office a slightly darker shade of sage green. It’s very calming. The main benefit is that we’re now unblocked from finding the furniture we need, putting up shelves, and unpacking the final two boxes.

  • On Saturday we went to see Jenn & Chris, who we haven’t caught up with for a while. We had a nice relaxed time playing The Mind and drinking mine and Jenn’s birthday champagnes which we were saving for a tasting.

  • I’m very hot and sweaty all the time. It’s irritating.