Week 14: Lemon Meringue

A week of being 33, eating a lot of pie, Lady Whistledown's society papers, and a very cuddly cat.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • It was my Birthday on Tuesday, I turned 33. I didn’t make any plans, but ended up having a few nice chats with family. Charlotte baked me an amazing lemon meringue pie which I ate most of over the course of the week.

    The lemon meringue pie that Charlotte baked for me, with a single lit candle.
  • On Friday we ended our dry and veggie January a little early for a bit of a birthday celebration. My digestive system didn’t agree with the sudden switch back, but it was nice to have wine again.

  • Tootsie is being extremely cuddly lately, he keeps climbing into bed and I’ll wake up to him purring next to my head. Despite him occasionally being an asshole, I love this cat.

  • We watched all of Bridgerton over the weekend. It made me happy.

  • Work is super tiring at the moment. Rewarding but tiring. I’m exhausted but I have a few breaks coming up in February.

  • I’ve had the Two Point Hospital soundtrack in my head all week. It’s weird to find myself humming very catchy elevator music while I make tea. Go listen.