Week 139: Slushies

A week of Charlotte's birthday celebrations, baking cakes, drinking with friends, work leaving drinks, corner shops, many slushies, and lots of snacks.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • It was Charlotte’s birthday this week, we’re normally away for it so this was a rare at-home one. I decided to bake because Charlotte always puts a lot of effort into my cakes. I made peanut butter and salted caramel cupcakes (because I realised too late we don’t have a pair of cake tins). They were pretty good, especially considering that I can’t remember the last time I baked anything. In the evening we went out for dinner.

  • On Wednesday I popped around to Ed’s for a few drinks, I’m glad to be seeing him and Andrew a bit more lately, I’ve missed them ❤️

  • On Thursday it was Anna’s leaving drinks. She’s the tech director for the part of the FT I work in and she was my line manager for a couple of years when I was a Principal engineer, I’m gonna miss her. Her leaving drinks were predictably well-attended by both current and past colleagues and it was a late one!

    I had a great chat with our new CTO . We’ve had quite a few CTOs over the past few years but this feels different – she has opinions, she’s keen on action, and she’s been both visible and approachable. All great things, I’m both nervous and excited about how technology at the FT might change.

  • A selection of maps, Sharpies, star stickers, reusable straws, and cans of AU Black Grape Soda laid out on a table ready for our corner shop crawl

    On Saturday it was Charlotte’s main birthday event, we went on a Corner Shop Crawl around Whitechapel to drink slushies (very high slushy density out east), eat a lot of snacks, and stop off in various parks to drink. It was a lot of fun! We had laminated maps, stars, and Sharpies so that we could rank the shops. Everyone got a reusable slushy straw as a party favour.

    We finished in a Simmons on Brick Lane and then stopped off at a pub near home before calling it a night. What a nice time 😊