Week 138: Sedately Bottomless

A week of meeting friends, rounders in the park, Primrose Hill, talking to strangers, bottomless brunches, and a new baby.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • I finally got around to meeting up with Andrew & Ed on Wednesday, haven’t seen them in an age and it was really nice to shoot the shit. I keep drinking beer instead of sticking to G&Ts which is frequently a mistake.

  • On Thursday it was the FT’s Product & Tech Rounders game in Regent’s Park. It’s a bit of a highlight of the working year and I had a great day of sitting around in the sun, meeting new people, chatting, and drinking. A lot of us made our way to a pub in Primrose Hill. We had jägerbombs.

  • Charlotte and I ended the evening with Arjun in a pub near Camden tube, we lost track of time and the station wasn’t open but the pub was. We made friends with some strangers before spending half an hour trying to get a cab home.

  • Friday was a bad day for me, I did very little useful work and mostly just moaned and groaned. We still managed to drag ourselves out for the most sedate bottomless brunch of our lives. I’m exhausted.

  • On Saturday we had a well-deserved lazy day. We finished watching all of Sex Education which has been filling the gap of “not-too-strenuous teen drama” in our lives for a while. I enjoyed it.

  • Today (Sunday) we went to visit Charlotte’s family, her step-sister had a baby recently who’s very cute if a bit gassy.