Week 137: Slabbering Baby

A week of milestones, niche memes, not enjoying blood tests, poo scraping, debugging Minecraft servers, the coming software apocalypse, and a sunny trip to Leeds.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • It’s my 137th week, which is special. Way back in Week 13.7 I thought to myself, “OK I have to make it to week 137 before I can reassess whether I enjoy writing weeknotes”, and here we are. I hope that I don’t lose motivation now that I’ve reached this goal.

  • OK. I just checked and week 1,370 will fall on my birthday week in 2047 so I guess I have to keep going.

  • That’s probably enough niche memes for this week.

  • I had a blood test on Monday, the first one I’ve had in my adult life. I thought I was all fine with needles now after the COVID vaccines but I nearly fainted so I guess not. Of course, all the NHS staff were wonderful.

  • On Tuesday I scraped some poo into a tube and dropped it off at the clinic as a thank-you gift.

  • I spent a lot of the week trying to debug why our Minecraft server is having network issues. It’s been a little frustrating and still not fully sorted, but the silver lining is that I got to do some debugging with Rowan. It was a joy. He’s a lot more experienced with server admin-type stuff than I am and he’s very patient, I feel like I learned a bunch.

  • We kicked off playing Minecraft v1.20 properly on Wednesday. At one point we had nine people online and we quickly turned the very plain spawn area into a disjointed home for us all. I forgot how lovely it is logging back into a server and seeing lots of stuff has changed. The server held up great, not a single lag spike.

  • I resolve to play at a more sustainable pace so I don’t overdo it and burn myself out and/or get to late game super quickly.

  • I read this really interesting essay: Modern software quality, or why I think using language models for programming is a bad idea. I agree very much with the author’s overall sentiment, that the fallout from people using “AI”-generated code (particularly for work) is going to be an absolute nightmare.

  • Over the weekend we went up to Leeds to see the city, see Scott (who moved up there in the pandemic), and go on a nice walk. Leeds is nice, though we didn’t really get to see loads of it. The walk was a slightly sweaty 14 miles but pleasant, and I got to eat cake at the end. We saw the Slabbering Baby along the route.

    A photo of an information board in the woods, the board shows a group of children crouched by a wall, the caption reads 'Group drinking water by the Slabbering Baby'