Week 135: Kintbury

A week of extended bank holidays, long sunny walks, mid-quality gossip, lots of canals, over-engineering Minecraft, and developing a seasonal allergy.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • My week itself was fairly uneventful. There’s a bunch of mid-quality gossip going on at work about who might be applying for the recently-open tech director role in my group but, otherwise, it’s been a quiet one.

  • Charlotte and I took Friday off to extend the long bank holiday weekend and I’m glad we did. It’s been super relaxing.

  • Me and Charlotte standing on a bridge by the canal. The sun is shining and everything is very green

    On Friday and Saturday combined we did about 20 miles of walking in the countryside near Kintbury, the weather was perfect and we had a few pub stops along the way for a shandy and a sit in the shade. I feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

  • On Sunday we met up with Luke and went to the Hayes Canal Festival. We were there for about 10 minutes before we decided to just walk along the canal a bit. We ended up walking another 9 miles, it’s quite pretty and rural-feeling between Hayes and Northolt, where we decided to get the tube back into central.

  • I’m over-engineering Minecraft at the moment, seeing if I’ve learned enough CloudFormation to successfully get a server running on EC2 with spot pricing, which should end up cheaper and more automatable than the current host I’m using. Right now I feel like this project is gonna be an unfinished one.

  • I have developed a seasonal allergy in my 30s. I had my suspicions already but I did an experiment: for Friday’s walk I took an antihistamine in the morning and felt great for the whole walk. On Saturday I didn’t take one and I felt snotty and tight-throated until I gave in. How exciting for me eh?