Week 134: Areia

A week of cute little cats, questioning cat ownership, woodland creatures, snot, Minecraft data pack development, learning, Tony Blair, and an unplanned night out.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • Areia and I having a well-deserved nap after work

    This week we’re looking after Areia, Estefanía’s cat. She’s really sweet, occasionally vicious, and maybe even more food-obsessed than Tootsie ever was. It’s been quite nice looking after her but it has made us question taking on the responsibility of owning a cat again 😅

    It is super adorable when she decides to come and nap with one of us and she’s very confident and chilled in a new place.

  • My board game group played Everdell for the first time this week. I really enjoyed it! It’s a blend of worker placement and engine-building and it’s quite satisfying to build a city full of little woodland creatures. I’d recommend it if you like Agricola/Caverna and Wingspan.

  • I’m still not 100% over this illness. Like I’m not feeling awful but I’m still a snot machine.

  • I’ve been putting together a basic Minecraft data pack (kind of like a plugin but more limited). If we start a new world when v1.20 comes out I’d like to keep people in a smaller starting area for longer so we don’t lose interest too quickly. The data pack introduces a small world border initially but you can sacrifice diamond blocks at an altar to expand the border, so you have to weigh up whether to use diamonds to progress technically or explore further out.

  • At work I’ve been learning a little bit of Terraform and a fair bit of AWS CloudFormation stuff, it’s been fun!

  • On Saturday we were supposed to go see Tony! The Tony Blair Rock Opera with Charlotte’s mum but she cancelled on us due to being ill. We took Sophie instead, it was funny!

    We accidentally went for drinks afterwards and then stayed up until 5 am 🤦 goodbye Sunday.