Week 132: Princess Royale with Cheese

A week of more high stress, escapism at work, three-hour tech support sessions, more leaving drinks, and copious amounts of boot-licking.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • The stress has largely continued from last week, hoping having a little break and then not making any more plans for May will help. This is gonna be a short weeknote and I’ll probs have a better one next week after Eurovision. I’m aware that my stress levels aren’t really warranted or rational based on my pretty easy life but here we are 🤷 what’s nice is that work isn’t stressing me out at all and feels almost like some nice relaxing escapism.

  • Charlotte was in Leeds for a conference Wednesday–Friday this week so I’ve been mostly in my own company which I think I needed.

  • What I didn’t need was a three-hour tech support call with my mum to try and move her email to a place that she controls. Like, my mum’s quite tech-savvy but it took us a good 45 minutes just to find something we could reliably use to screen-share so that she didn’t need to send me passwords to her stuff. Exhausting! It was still lovely to chat to her but the call was coloured by my need to get a lot of other shit done that evening.

  • On Friday we went to Euan’s leaving drinks Round #2. We were very sensible because we had to be up early and I’m pleased with myself.

  • We just got back from an anti-coronation party which was fun. The televised coronation was the biggest snooze-fest ever, it’s all just extremely out of touch and the BBC did a cracking job of completely avoiding the many protests. We had our fingers crossed for something fun like a crown falling off or an assassination attempt but, spoiler alert, it didn’t deliver.