Week 131: Salicylic Acid

A week of saying goodbye to Euan, strategic days off, great standup, family visits, summery weather, dreading future plans, and managing skin conditions.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • The big thing this week was Euan’s leaving drinks – he’s going to the Philippines for a year and the 40+ people who turned up are definitely gonna miss him. We started in The Old Thameside, a staple of the old FT board games group, and ended in St Christopher’s with a record number of people tagging along. It was a lot of fun!

    I preemptively booked the Friday off work. Well done me 👏

  • On Saturday Charlotte and I went to see Sophie Duker at Leicester Square Theatre. We kinda fell in love with her on Taskmaster and her standup is so great too, the tour’s been extended.

  • Over the long weekend, we hired a car and visited Charlotte’s grandparents, an old school friend, and her mum. The weather was lovely and everything felt very summery.

  • I’m kind of dreading how little downtime I have over the next couple of weeks. We’re heading to Eurovision in Liverpool which will be amazing. We also have a bunch of other plans with friends, and it feels ungrateful that all I can think is “When am I going to get time to decompress?”.

    It’s not a fun state of mind to be in when you feel a little bit of resentment towards every plan in your calendar 😬 In probably-related news, my psoriasis is flaring again. brb just slathering myself in salicylic acid.