Week 130: Greasy pole

A week of long meetings, pub trips, terrible characters, milder weather, beautiful trees, out-of-hours calls, Brick Lane, and food with friends.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • On Thursday we had a three-hour OKR meeting at work which turned out to be more interesting than agonizing. We followed it up by going to a nearby pub with a card behind the bar. I explained to our CPTO (big boss) what my team does and said lots of lovely things about people. It felt more natural now that I’m not at all trying to climb the greasy pole.

  • I’ve been watching Beef as everyone else seems to be. It’s kinda depressing, none of the characters are particularly redeemable, but I keep coming back.

  • Trees filled with white blossom standing over a red-tinted hedge row

    Spring is here! I’m enjoying the milder weather a lot and it’s soon gonna be time to retire all my knitwear until Autumn. Everything just feels better when it gets warmer, and London’s quite pretty. My flat is definitely a nicer place to be in the spring and summer; here’s the view from my bedroom at the moment.

  • Saturday was busy, it started early with a out-of-hours call because the FT’s home page was broken. Slightly unsatisfying that we couldn’t find the root cause but Alex and I got a hotfix out which kept it stable for the rest of the weekend 💪 guess I know what I’m working on Monday.

  • Around lunchtime Charlotte and I went to Brick Lane (we’ve neglected it area a bit considering how close we live now). It was really nice, busy but not horrible. We wandered around the vintage market and ate churros (thanks for the recommendation Cynthia!).

  • Later on Saturday, we got the train out to Tammy’s where she cooked us delicious food and we spent a lovely evening chatting. Some of her other friends were there too, I needn’t have been anxious about new people – they were fun and easy to talk to.