Week 13: David

A week of more bad news, a few silver linings, building factories, and hunting down cinnamon buns.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • On Thursday my grandad died. It was expected, but I’m very sad about it nonetheless. His name’s Wilfred (or Bill), but I’ve only ever known him as David – when they met my grandma decided she didn’t like the name Wilfred and so has always called him by his middle name.

    I’ll miss his sense of humour, which was entirely focused on annoying people to the point where he’d get an exasperated response. Then he could proclaim innocence while chuckling to himself. Very annoying but more endearing as he got older, especially with the dementia as it meant a nice return to his old ways.

    A picture of me and my grandad when I was about 18 months old, we're outside and I'm laughing.
    A picture of me and my grandad when I was about 18 months old
  • I’m dreading having to work out what the rules are for funerals, and evaluating whether it’s safe to attend even if it’s allowed.

  • Considering everything that’s going on, I think giving up drinking for January was a mistake.

  • Aside from the mourning, I’ve been playing a lot of Factorio with some friends. It’s very therapeutic slowly automating production and working together on different parts of a huge factory. It’s highly addictive. I’m addicted.

  • Big thanks to Rowan B, who recommended shredded memory foam pillows – they’re not as firm as regular memory foam and can be shaped like normal pillows while offering a lot of support. This was the next step I needed on my investment in good sleep. I’ve never spent this much money on my personal comfort and honestly I don’t know why.

  • It snowed. I went out in and walked around some touristy bits of London, and it was lovely but it’d mostly turned to slush by the end of our walk.

  • I had two cinnamon buns at the weekend, no matter how many I eat I still can’t shake the craving from all the way back in week 2. I found out that there’s a Gail’s 5 minutes walk from my flat and that their cinnamon buns are amazing.