Week 127: Bleak Weekend

A week of in-person board games, pirate escape rooms, motorway service stations, run down Travelodges, no-phones days, tired people, and disposable cameras.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • Scott was down in London during the week so we played in-person board games. We chat a lot more in person and it’s just a lot more fun. We played Long Shot again.

  • On Thursday I was finally back in the office after being sick all of last week, it was great to see a load of people. After work, I did an escape room on the Golden Hinde which was fun, we absolutely smashed it.

  • The highlight of the week was going on our first Bleak Weekend with Gallal, something we’ve been vaguely planning to do for a couple of years. Here’s the premise: you locate the most run-down and bleak-looking motorway service station, book yourself into the hotel there for the weekend, and just let the liminality wash over you.

    • The weekend was a big success. There’s something very relaxing about being kind of nowhere and there being a constant flood of tired-looking people wandering through the place you’re temporarily calling home.

    • The hotel was very worn, with lovely bleach stains over the carpets where I think someone’s tried to prevent mould growth. The views from the windows were either a car park or the air-conditioning unit for the main service station. Unfortunately, you couldn’t hear the low drone of the motorway very well from the bed.

    • We sat alongside some truckers and gambled away £10 on the slot machines. We didn’t win anything, thankfully.

    • On Saturday we had a “no phones day”. We still took photos on a disposable camera which we thought would capture the mood a bit better. I’ll let you know when these are developed. Below is a small gallery of overly high-quality photos taken with a phone.

    • I recommend the experience wholeheartedly. We’ll do it again soon and maybe indoctrinate some more people.