Week 126: Junk

A week of being sickly and weak, COVID symptoms, cancelled plans, missing being social, little pink sausages, healthy doses of nostalgia, and a massive tidy.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • We’re sick. It’s highly likely to be COVID because three of the people we went to Butlins with have tested positive. Our tests are refusing to confirm this for us, we’ve tried a lot of different ones. I’m just assuming it’s COVID because the symptoms are identical 🤷 this sucks for a few reasons:

    1. I had taken Thursday off to spend the day with my sister down in Brighton which I was looking forward to

    2. Our friend, Scarlett, was supposed to stay for the weekend while she was doing some print workshops in London, it would have been lovely to hang out

    3. I hate feeling weak and sick

    4. It’s lame but I really miss the office. A couple of days a week is my ideal and I feel a bit isolated otherwise

  • Six pink and grainy vegan sausages which have been roughly shaped from Sosmix

    We took the opportunity to do a bit of cooking, and I finally broke out the Sosmix. It’s not particularly appealing before you cook it but OMG the nostalgia! Charlotte, who’s never had it before, described it as “better than most of the vegan ones we’ve tried” which is a big win. I can’t recommend it enough 👍

    We had them with mash, onion gravy, and peas; a staple of my childhood.

    This seems to be the only place that stocks the original.

  • A large pile of miscellaneous junk that was scattered around our flat

    We had slightly more energy on Saturday and did some overdue junk clearing. We emptied all of the unsorted drawers in the flat which have been accumulating since we moved. We also piled up all the loose items which were making us feel like we were living with too much clutter.

    It was a big success, the whole flat feels so clear and considered now. Everything that didn’t have a proper home now does 🎉

    I feel so light and free! I even forgot I was sick for a while. I love it when everything is clean and tidy.