Week 124: Sosmix

A week of new teammates, long lunches, family time, fun new board games, shopping sprees, arranging frames, and 90s vegetarianism.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • This week was fun but exhausting. A new engineer started on our team, is asking great questions, already contributing a bunch, and is fun to work with 🎉 I’m excited about the next couple of months introducing them to the rest of the work we do!

  • I took a long lunch on Tuesday to hang out with my brother, Shem. He’s down in London every couple of weeks at the moment and it’s been nice to just do some chilled hanging out rather than visiting being a big deal.

  • Over the weekend we went to see JPD and David to play board games at theirs. It was loads of fun 🙂 we played Shadows Over Camelot, a co-op game that we won in the perfect way; Tsuro: Phoenix Rising, which I think improves the original a lot; and No Thanks, which is a fun and easy quick game.

  • I had a little bit of a shopping spree and bought myself a few new pairs of shoes. I’ve been holding off buying anything like this for a while, waiting for our wardrobes to be done so we know how much space we have. It feels nice to treat myself a bit.

  • Labelled rectangles in a Google drawing, placed to plan out a gallery wall

    In the flat, we’re finally almost ready to hang all our artwork. The bulk of the work is planning and putting together a gallery wall in the living room. I think it’s gonna look great!

  • A bag of Sosmix which looks like stuffing mix

    Charlotte bought me some Sosmix as a lovely surprise gift. There’s only one place in the UK that stocks it and it’s been years since I had some.

    For those not in the know, Sosmix is kind of like a stuffing mix you could buy from health food shops in the 90s and early 00s before meat alternatives were very widespread. You mix it with water, form it into sausages, and fry them.

    It’s gonna be a huge nostalgia trip, I hope it’s not disgusting.