Week 123: Myrtle

A week of fatigue, meetings, birthday tasting menus, parsing feeds, comforting end-to-end tests, still not painting the office, and a fun gig.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • I’m very tired at the moment despite the Iron and Vitamin D I keep putting into myself. I think I need a bit of time off soon to rest up properly.

  • I think it was maybe a couple of days of back-to-back meetings which threw me off a bit, those will kill your brain. I need a nice even mix of meetings and quiet focus to not be a zombie.

  • On Friday Charlotte took me to Myrtle for a belated birthday meal, it was incredible. We went for the tasting menu with wine pairing, everything was delicious. We did get chips on the way home though 👀

  • My feed parser is coming along nicely. I love it when you have a really good suite of end-to-end tests – it’s allowed me to completely overhaul large parts of the library and unit tests with full confidence that everything still works. I’m running these against a lot of spec-compliant and real-world feeds that I put together a while ago.

  • We didn’t get around to painting the office quite yet because I’m tired and lazy. This coming week hopefully! We’ve had a pot of nice sage green for ages and it’ll mean we can put up shelves, hang pictures, and think about the storage properly.

  • On Sunday evening we went to see Pendulum at Alexandra Palace. It started a little slow but was loads of fun by the end, I had a great time and I’m managed to behave sensibly enough to not have a terrible hangover 🎉

    A brightly lit stage with teal numbers displayed in a grid across several huge screens and Pendulum playing