Week 121: Floorboards

A week of snot, heart-shaped halloumi, deconstructing bedrooms, being energy magnates, trips to Faversham, and missing the office again.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • This week it was Charlotte’s turn to be sick; I think I must have given her my gross cold. She’s been very snotty, poor girl.

  • A tray of halloumi and chickpea bake with the halloumi cut into heart shapes

    Tuesday was Heart-Shaped Food Day. I wasn’t feeling particularly great so I just made one of our regular easy weekday meals but cut all the vegetables and halloumi into little hearts.

  • On Wednesday we pulled back the carpet in the bedroom to make way for the wardrobe delivery. I think the floorboards under there are pretty nice! We might end up sanding and varnishing them instead of replacing the carpet 👀

  • Our bedroom is not our bedroom now, just for a week. Apparently, it’s gonna take four days to fit the wardrobes and I’m gonna have to give up on the office again for a week because of it.

  • I played Power Grid with my board game group for the first time in ages! I came second last but I forgot how fun a game it is 😊

  • On Friday we went to Gallal and Euan’s for some food and a few drinks. I really need to never have Dr Pepper again – it fucks me up big-time, luckily I only had one as my last drink.

  • Over the weekend we got the train down to Faversham where Charlotte’s mum was stage-crew in a pantomime. Pantomimes are as bad/good as I remember them (it’s been a long time).