Week 120: Peaks

A week of feeling rotten, working from home, weekend rambles, Yorkshire countryside, dismantling wardrobes, and complete exhaustion.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • I felt rotten all week. I should start with the obligatory “it’s not COVID”, but it was a pretty nasty cold. I still ended up working quite a lot because boredom crept up quickly and work took my mind off feeling shit. I probably should have just rested.

  • A road sign in the pretty Yorkshire countryside that reads 'Blue Ball Lane'

    I felt just about well enough for our long weekend plans. We hired a car and just drove, only booking our first night’s stay and then seeing what happened. It was lovely. We did a lot of walking and eating, starting in the Peak District and ending up in Yorkshire near Harrogate.

  • After a ~3-hour drive and 1-hour train back home we had to quickly finish dismantling our IKEA wardrobes to make way for the painting and fitting happening over the next couple of weeks. I finally saw Gallal’s new flat, went for a couple of beers, and I’m exhausted.

  • Have a great week, everyone 👋