Week 117: Tring

A week of buying annual leave, meeting new Whitechapel friends, auctions, hundreds of taxidermy animals, looming birthdays, family plans, and spreadsheets.

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  • It’s been quite a busy week, but with the kind of weekend that feels super long – it’s what I needed for sure.

  • As promised to myself, I purchased 20 extra days of annual leave for this year. 50 days off is wild. I’m gonna focus on downtime in 2023 and a better work/life balance – I’m far more consistent and motivated in other aspects of my life when I do this. Just trying not to think of the many thousands of pounds that I’m shaving off my salary 😬

  • Drinks after work turned into cocktails on the way back to Whitechapel and a slight hangover. Lovely to keep meeting new people who live out east 🎉 it was a great choice to move to this area.

  • Over the weekend we got a train to Tring where we went to our first auction to see if there was any tat or furniture we wanted to buy. The tat was quite expensive! I think we might take a Friday off and try that auction instead another week. I didn’t buy anything but it was still fun.

  • A lion looking very concerned that somebody killed and stuffed him
    A very concerned Lion

    We also visited The Natural History Museum at Tring which was super nostalgic for me. My dad took me and my sister there a lot as kids (we were animal-obsessed). One of my favourite facts, which I glossed over as a kid, is that the museum was built for Walter Rothschild as a 21st birthday gift so he could continue to store all the exotic animals that he hunted and killed. Rich people, eh?

  • Speaking of birthdays, I’m turning 35 this coming week. My early thirties have shot by worryingly fast. I don’t particularly want to do anything for it, probs gonna keep it nice and chilled.

  • Speaking of my dad, my sister and I have arranged to go and stay with our aunt Ginny (his sister) at the start of February. I’m both excited and a little nervous – I haven’t seen her since I was 16ish. Very glad to be reconnecting with dad’s side of the family though.

  • You know the only thing that makes spreadsheets more fun is using the Google Sheets API to push changes to them from other data sources. I’ve been doing that this week and it’s the kind of work I love.