Week 116: Taskmaster House

A week of incident management, new tooling, vegetarianism, drinking champagne, long dog walks, and the Taskmaster house.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • Such a busy work week! With the recent CircleCI incident, my team decided to build some tooling to help us mitigate this kind of issue in future. The three of us engineers paired and mobbed all week and I’m impressed with how much we got done. I think we’ll be far more prepared for the next time one of our suppliers leaks a bunch of secrets (let’s face it, this is gonna happen again soon).

  • I hope throwing a bunch of engineers at a difficult problem becomes more of a pattern. It’s extremely fulfilling and motivating work.

  • Outside of work, it’s been quite a quiet week, just lots of watching The Circle, resting, and going on little evening walks.

  • A small section of a map with lines crossing and intersecting in a very inefficient walk

    We invented a new game. Every time we get to a junction I randomly assign a direction to one of my hands or my head. Charlotte picks one and we go in the assigned direction. It led to a not-particularly-coordinated wander around the streets of Whitechapel.

  • I’m on day 15 of being a vegetarian now. I was feeling weird about eating meat through December and I’m giving vegetarianism a go again. Too soon to call it permanent but, after a couple of weeks, there’s nothing I’m missing terribly.

  • On Friday we went to Chiswick where Jenn is house/dog-sitting. We chatted, drank champagne, and made experimental toasties all evening. It was lovely to hang out and Rowan even made an appearance – what a treat!

  • We stayed over and went on a nice long dog walk around Chiswick, across the river and back. Spaniels just have endless energy – we were a lot more tired than him. We diverted the walk home past the Taskmaster house, and Chris snuck a picture under the gate.

    A view of the front of the Taskmaster house from beneath the gate